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Here you will find the highlights about latest version of Neon theme. Learn more by scrolling down on this page. Neon contains a total number of 112 unique HTML files, and comes in four versions: standard, boxed, RTL and front-end version.

Current Version: v2.0

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Textual Changelog

*** Neon Theme - Changelog ***
		- Nov 05, 2015 v 2.0
		IMPORTANT FIX: Compatibility with Safari 9.x on El Capitan and iOS9 added
		ADDED: Bootstrap 3.3.5 Support
		ADDED: Better organized less files, moved to assets/less/ folder.
		ADDED: Favicon.ico added in header of each file
		ADDED: Retina ready images added to whole pages
		ADDED: Git repository changes
		UPDATE: Bootstrap updated to v3.3.5
		UPDATE: jQuery updated to latest version v1.11.3
		UPDATE: DataTables updated to v1.10.9
		UPDATE: GSAP Animation Library updated to latest version v1.18.0
		UPDATE: HTML5shiv updated to latest version v3.7.2
		UPDATE: moment.js library updated to latest version v2.10.6
		UPDATE: jQuery Validate library updated to v1.14.0
		UPDATE: jQuery Knobs library updated to v1.2.11
		UPDATE: FontAwesome updated to v4.4
		UPDATE: Input Mask updated v3.2.2
		FIX: Top menu in mobile devices
		FIX: Neon Chat API issues with its own API
		FIX: Menu break on different viewports (mostly on iPad)
		FIX: Menu items that have submenus now have "has-sub" class
		FIX: Tile boxes in dashboard not aligned properly in mobile screens
		FIX: Reported responsive issues on all pages
		FIX: Forgot password form not allowing two (or more) dots after @ character
		- Jan 10, 2015 v 1.9
		FIX: Fixed Sidebar menu in smartphones not showing properly
		- Dec 10, 2014 v 1.8
		ADDED: FullCalendar version 2.3.2 (extra-calendar-2.html)
		ADDED: Detailed comments which scripts are included in pages (screenshot: http://cl.ly/YtEX)
		ADDED: New skin added (skins-facebook.html)
		FIX: Cleaner HTML content and correctly indented with tabs
		FIX: Rebuild of core layout with pure CSS, doesn't need the JS to set the height anymore
		FIX: When using fixed sidebar the browser outline is removed
		FIX: Horizontal menu not showing properly in fixed mode (perspective issues)
		FIX: Improved animation performances
		FIX: Overall theme polishing (CSS + JavaScript)
		UPDATE: Updated scripts: Select2 (3.4.5 -> 3.5.2), jQuery Validate (1.11.1 -> 1.13.1), jQuery Transit (0.9.9 -> 0.9.12)
		- May 19, 2014 v 1.7.2
		FIX: Datepicker in Dropdown Modal now its visible on the layer
		- Mar 28, 2014 v 1.7.1
		FIX: Fixed sidebar issue window height
		- Mar 28, 2014 v 1.7
		ADDED: Boxed Layout support
		ADDED: Members page (extra-members.html)
		ADDED: Comments page (extra-comments.html)
		ADDED: New post page (extra-new-post.html)
		ADDED: Settings page (extra-settings.html)
		ADDED: Nested list plugin (extra-nestable.html)
		ADDED: File tree plugin (extra-file-tree.html)
		ADDED: Progress indicator (extra-load-progress.html)
		ADDED: New front-end mobile menu
		FIX: Better organized assets files
		- Mar 25, 2014 v 1.6
		ADDED: Tabs in XS mode will display icons instead of text (ui-tabs-accordions.html)
		FIX: Group tile with stats now its properly aligned, Firefox background tiles that are pushed little lower (ui-tiles.html)
		FIX: When opening modals will not bounce the page content container (ui-modals.html)
		FIX: (CSS) IE fixes
		FIX: RTL logo on Navbar
		FIX: Front-end carousel issue in Safari
		FIX: $.noConflict() - Neon will no longer have issues with this declaration
		FIX: (CSS) DataTable width when sidebar is collapsed/expanded
		FIX: (CSS) DataTable Rows per page broken width
		FIX: Modals not opening in firefox (ui-modals.html)
		ADDED: Tabs will have icons in responsive (XS-mode, file: ui-tabs-accordions.html)
		- Feb 13, 2014 v 1.5.1
		FIX: Fixed CSS Issues
		FIX: Data folder missing
		- Feb 12, 2014 v 1.5.0
		ADDED: Front-end Interface
		ADDED: Neon is now upgraded to Bootstrap 3.1
		ADDED: Full RTL Support
		ADDED: Sidebar position on the right (+Chat left)
		ADDED: CSS files are now separated into groups for to decrease load size
		ADDED: 10 new PSD files
		ADDED: New Dashboard Page (dashboard-3.html)
		FIX: Firefox issues fixed
		- Jan 31, 2014 v 1.1.4
		ADDED: Register form page (extra-register.html)
		ADDED: Forgot password form page (extra-forgot-password.html)
		ADDED: Login form processing with PHP (extra-login.html and data/sample-login-form.php)
		ADDED: Search Result page added (extra-search.html)
		ADDED: UIKit Markdown editor (forms-wysiwyg.html)
		ADDED: iCheck replacement for radio buttons and checkboxes (forms-icheck.html)
		ADDED: Language select bar
		ADDED: Input spinner (forms-advanced.html)
		ADDED: Alternative Social networks login buttons on Login page (extra-login.html)
		FIX: Time picker in popup not showing the time popup selector
		FIX: Sidebar issue "Flash of unstyle content"
		FIX: Fixed Sidebar page, collapsed sidebar menu hover don't work
		FIX: Fixed lot of reported CSS incosistencies
		FIX: Fixed collapsing effect with tables as panel body
		FIX: Chat conversation, auto-close when collapsing chat container
		UPDATE:  jQuery updated to latest public version
		- Jan 9, 2014 v 1.1.3
		ADDED: Theme Skins are now supported! Available skins: Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Black, White, Yellow, Cafe
		ADDED: DataTables examples: Filtering Columns, Data Exporting, Responsive Data Tables
		ADDED: Image Crop plugin is now added - See extra-image-crop.html
		ADDED: 3 PSD files are included in extra/ folder
		- Jan 6, 2014 v 1.1.2
		ADDED: Profile Page added (extra-profile.html)
		ADDED: Timeline - vertical left aligned (extra-timeline.html)
		ADDED: Responsive tables (tables-main.html)
		FIX: Charts page will not render properly the profile notification tooltips.
		FIX: Improved Retina Support for logos and images
		- Jan 5, 2014 v 1.1.1
		ADDED: Gallery Albums Page (extra-gallery.html)
		ADDED: Gallery Album Single Page (extra-gallery-single.html)
		- Jan 3, 2014 v 1.1.0
		ADDED: User Info on Sidebar + Popup Menu
		ADDED: Notes Page functionality added on extra-notes.html - You can save notes. Handle file assets/js/neon-notes.js
		FIX: WYSIHTML5 editor - text colors now are applied properly. Attribute [data-stylesheet-url] solves this.
		FIX: Sliders (forms-sliders.html) are now compatible with Touch Devices.
		- Jan 1, 2014 v 1.0.2
		FIX: Calendar Week and Day Agenda not styled properly
		- Dec 22, 2013	v 1.0.1
		FIX: Overall fixes and improvements
		FIX: Fail-safe page transitions are added.
		ADDED: Modals are now shown in better way (ui-modals.html)
		ADDED: Dropzone now shows info for uploaded files (forms-file-upload.html)
		- Dec 20, 2015 v 1.0 -
		First Release
		P.S: Great things soon to come =)